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The Officinal Herbs as well as the Medicinal Plants owe their name to the often curative properties that are linked to their use.

The history of these Healing Herbs lies in a decidedly remote past and for this reason it is difficult to associate them with a period or a place. Obviously they are to be associated first of all to the oriental culture that brought them to light and allowed the whole world to take care of the herbs . When you think of the Herbs it is easy to think of herbs like claw of the devil , arnica , aloe vera and so on, but you can associate with this term all those herbal products able to bring beneficial effects to the body. These herbs are, in fact, often called Healing Plants.

Treat yourself with herbs

As it is easy to guess from the preface, it is really possible to cure oneself with herbs provided that the right medicinal herbs are known .

A quick jump in herbal medicine can help with some annoying pain or cold, but with a little 'experience with this kind of healing herbs it is possible to replace (almost) completely traditional medicines. Why is healing with herbs so important? The reason is actually simple, just look at the possible side effects of medicines, contraindications that are in almost all cases completely absent during a cure based on curative plants.

Properties of officinal herbs

Healing Herbs have literally thousands of uses. Some of these plants are real mines of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, an example par excellence are the goji berries . Among other properties of these herbs we often find the ability to alleviate pain in muscles or joints, to bring relaxation and reconcile sleep as well as the ability to alleviate specific disorders.

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