tea and herbal teas

tea and herbal teas

Te is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

There are many different types of Te that vary for the place of origin, for the way in which they are cultivated and for the treatments they undergo after harvest.

Its use as a beverage originated in China, it was imported into Europe by the Dutch East India Company in the fourteenth century.

In Europe it was a great success, first in France and Holland, then in England and from there to the rest of the Continent.

The plants used to make tea belong to the Theaceae family and to the genus Camellia. The infusion varieties are Camellia sinensis and Camellia assamica

Te 'Single

We offer a selection of Te, classified according to color. Simplifying extremely: in the white and green processing the leaves, after a short initial treatment, are immediately dried. In processing in black the leaves undergo an oxidation that changes color and flavor. In blue processing it starts in oxidation as in black processing, but is interrupted when there are still green leaves. The red tea is instead you post-fermented. Plants are also available which, in some parts of the world, are drunk in place (substitutes) of tea: like the famous rooibush and yerba mate.

You flavored

In this category we have included you that, being mixed with other ingredients, have special flavors.

Change the basic tea, so we have you flavored greens, flavored blacks, etc., and they change the herbs with which they are mixed.

tea and herbal teas

Tea white

tea and herbal teas

Te 'Pu-Her

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