Essential oils

Essential oils

Nowadays the natural products are preferred by far to ordinary cosmetics, because thanks to the wide variety of properties and the beneficial effects they possess, are completely organic instruments to help the body in times of trouble, without resorting to chemical-derived products or synthetic. The properties of essential oils are recognized worldwide; being rich in nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins, along with active ingredients act in profondtà with extreme efficiency, acting like a real natural remedy.


The essential oils are the best products when you need a relaxing massage, but depending of the plant from which they are derived, can be used to fight various physical problems for which usually relies on laboratory products. L' argan oil, one of the most popular in the industry, Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin A, able to fight aging and prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. A real natural wrinkle. In addition to the benefits that they offer to the skin, oils likeCedar oil orarnica oil, are indicated to relieve the aches, coughs, colds and even menstrual pains. These properties also form a surface protective film that protects the skin from external aggressions such as Sun, cold and smog.

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