Spices aromatic herbs

Spices aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs

Used on the table and for herbal teas all over the world, aromatic herbs certainly do not lose popularity in everyday life.

These particular aromatic plants not only help to make meals more flavourful or more fragrant environments, but often they are real medicinal herbs which then lead d and the beneficial effects for the body (see for example turmeric and rosemary).

For lovers of new and exotic flavors, the spices of different tastes will be a passion to be enjoyed, the only limit is the availability on site . Fortunately it is possible to buy spices online.

Buy spices online

If the availability in stores was the one that held you back, you just discovered the solution. Erbologica.it offers its customers a vast catalog of spices , aromatic herbs and aromatic plants .

All spices for sale are selected from the best aromatic plants and guarantee superior quality compared to those grown locally.

Cooking with spices: Turmeric and Cinnamon

As already mentioned , aromatic herbs give color, flavor and scent to the dishes that are prepared, provided they are used to the best of their potential. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Cinnamon (spice) - Cinnamon can be found in stores or online, in powder or slats and lends itself to different uses. Leaving aside the antioxidant, pain-relieving and digestive properties of this bark, one can best appreciate its flavor by placing the entire stick in infusion to aromatize or as part of an infusion. You can also add it when cooking food to give flavor or simply sprinkle it on an already prepared dish.

Curcuma (spice) - Turmeric is an exotic spice of Indian origin, rarely used in the kitchen we are used to. Its flavor is appreciable at best if used raw, perhaps associated with a pinch of pepper and a little 'oil (or a knob of butter). This spice is appreciable among other things for the yellow color that gives to foods.

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